BCGEU - LDB Marijuana Sales Survey

Dear member,

In December 2015, your union announced a proposal to have legalized marijuana distributed in B.C. through the existing LDB warehouses, and sold in both public and private liquor stores. We feel that this proposal represents an opportunity to secure the future of our public distribution system and our public stores.

Over the last few years we’ve pushed for important changes to modernize our stores. Many public BC Liquor Stores are now open on Sundays and holidays, have extended hours, and offer refrigerated products.

In 2017, when the federal government plans to legalize marijuana, we want to have our public distribution system and our public stores well-positioned for the future in an industry that is undergoing significant changes.

The BCGEU has not taken a position on the legalization of marijuana. However, if legalization does occur, our expertise in responsible sales of a controlled substance represents the most socially responsible means to distribute and sell non-medical marijuana.

We want to hear from BCGEU members working at the LDB – please let us know what you think about our proposal.

In solidarity,

Kimberlee MacGregor, C5 Vice-President

Do you feel that you have enough information about the possibility of the BCLDB distributing and selling non-medicinal marijuana?